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Bergen County is the most populous county in New Jersey, with more than one million people living in 70 municipalities. The number of towns grew rapidly in the late 19th century, when groups of residents in townships united to form many different boroughs.

Today, whether in townships, boroughs, cities, towns, or villages, Bergen County offers a number of the most attractive residential communities in New Jersey. No matter where they look, prospective residents find vibrant areas highlighted by proximity to New York City, excellent school systems, and diversity of people and activities.

Even with these shared characteristics, every Bergen County community offers special qualities that distinguish it from the others. Some communities, such as Fort Lee, hum with the energy of the nearby city, while others, like Tenafly, exude the coziness of suburbs. Others, such as Alpine, feel like quiet escapes in the midst of the New York Metropolitan area.

When choosing a Bergen County community to call home, various concerns may be important in each individual search. Some key items to consider are transportation, schools, services, culture and recreation, and entertainment.

Whatever kind of community interests you, it is within reach in Bergen County.