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Keren Ceder-Franco

I am in the real estate industry and in the past few years I had the opportunity to work with many agents and brokers from different states and none of them were as professional, kind, warm, welcoming and most important honest as Orly is. My husband and I bought our first home with Orly and from the first time she took me around the area I knew that she is not just looking to sell, she truly wants us to be happy with our purchase. Orly took the time to listen to our needs and did very thorough research to find the right deal for us. It was truly a delightful experience purchasing our home with her and to this day she is there whenever we need her. Orly was there for us even after the closing, she helped us while we renovated our house and is always available to share her experience with others. I truly consider myself lucky that I have found such a wonderful agent and I am looking forward to working with her in the future, whether we decide to sell our house or buy additional properties.