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“Common landscaping services include consultation, design, selection of plants
and other greenery, installation, gardening and pesticides, and lawn renovations.”

Choosing a Landscaper is a Breeze with These Tips

Spring is in the air, which means New Jersey homeowners turn their attention to cleaning their houses and making their environments feel and look fresh. While many Bergen County residents focus on the interior of their houses, and perform rituals like spring cleaning and getting rid of junk, it is important to consider the space outside as an area to keep neat and presentable. Landscaping, or the art of designing, creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor surroundings, can lift homeowners’ spirits and the long-term value of their property.

With so many landscaping services to choose from in Bergen County, a place known for lush greenery, a common question is how to choose the best landscaper. In general, the answer depends on a homeowner’s specifics needs and circumstances, but it helps to keep certain criteria in mind as a guide. Things to look for in a landscaper include the cost, quality, type of service, custom work, and maintenance.

Make no mistake, the choice to hire a landscaper can be a significant investment that runs into the thousands of dollars. However, the long-term benefits of landscaping for increased “curb appeal,” or the feeling guests and potential buyers receive when they first see a home, can be enormous. Imagine your home becoming the one that everyone on the neighborhood admires, and consider how landscaping can improve even the simplest impressions, like online real estate photos of your home. These and other factors affect how quickly a home sells and at what price, which makes landscaping well worth the investment in the long run. Financing options are available to help pay for landscaping, so interested homeowners might want to consider what possibilities work for their budget.

Of course, no amount of landscaping makes sense unless it is performed with high quality. When choosing a company in Bergen County, be sure to ask family, friends and neighbors who completed their projects. Ask potential landscaping companies for references and check out their other projects in the neighborhood. Remember, it’s you and your family who will have to live with their work forever. A number of landscaping professional associations exist, so it is advised to check whether the landscaper belongs to them, or contact the associations for recommendations. It goes without saying that a landscaper should be licensed and certified.

Common landscaping services include consultation, design, selection of plants and other greenery, installation, gardening and pesticides, and lawn renovations. No matter the job, the best kind of landscaper is always available to answer clients’ questions and provide guidance, without stifling clients’ creativity. Look for the landscaper who welcomes input and helps bring your vision to fruition. The first consultation with the landscaper may be free of charge, and should be used as an opportunity to determine whether your styles match. Remember that landscaping work is performed during the daylight hours on weekdays, so it is important to assess the progress of work and check in when returning home after 5 p.m. each day of the project.

More and more, clients seek out landscapers to complete custom projects they desire but are unable to complete themselves. Projects like waterfalls, walkways, driveways, patios, pillars, pool decks and pillars fit this custom category, in addition to others limited only by the imagination. Many customers today are interested in water gardening, which brings the relaxing sound of flowing water to soothe the mind and add beauty to a yard. Custom projects put the skills of the landscaping company to the test, and often present the area where clients incur the highest costs. When planning a custom project, make sure it is something that also will appeal to future homebuyers, even if you have no current plans to sell your home.

Maintenance work is an area clients commonly request, although it brings little of the glamour associated with custom landscapes. Still, maintenance tasks like mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges need to be performed regularly, and it helps to know a friendly landscaping company you can trust to complete these mundane but key tasks. A well maintained lawn is the basis for a consistently good reputation as a homeowner in Bergen County.

When people think of spring cleaning, very often they imagine all the ways to improve the interior of their home. Landscaping involves the appearance of outside areas such as the yard, and it is equally important to a positive outlook and the long-term value of a home. landscaper. In order to make the best landscaper selection, keep the cost, quality, type of service, custom work, and maintenance in mind when the time comes to make the decision.

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